Jacques Parissat Institute

Jacques Perissat Institute (IJP) was founded in 2004, with the purpose of teaching and propagating the technique of minimally invasive surgery to surgeons throughout the country.

In partnership with Positivo University, it began its first postgraduate course in this area and soon became a reference in education and surgical research.

Há 17 anos no mercado contribuindo para o avanço e desenvolvimento da cirurgia, o tradicional curso em CMMI já formou centenas de profissionais do Brasil e América Latina.

The IJP team is made up of medical surgeons Marcelo de Paula Loureiro, Christiano M. P. Claus and Daniellson Dimbarre, who have established new partnerships and started offering courses in related areas as a result of experience accumulated over the years .

Always expanding, the IJP is striding forward to become Brazil's largest surgical training center.

Educational Area and Training


After long years of history dedicated to the advancement of Minimally Invasive Surgery, great partnerships, renowned faculty, hundreds of students and a renewed vivarium structure, we have become the PEAC (the initials in Portuguese for center of excellence in surgical improvement) - Center of Excellence in Surgical Improvement.

This year, IJP and Positivo University offer three more courses in the surgical medical area in addition to the traditional Minimally Invasive Surgery Course and Advanced Digestive Endoscopy Course.

Courses are available:

Jacques Perissat Institute

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